Yideoz - Broadcast Your Inner Yid.
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Posted: May 03 2007


3 May 2007 (Jewswire.com) - Some call it JewTube, some call it YidVids - no matter what you call it, its clear that Yideoz.com has just rocked the Jewish world with a concept so cool that even your Bubbe is getting excited. In just two months, tens of thousands of Jews from all over the world have stopped in their internet-surfing tracks to become part of the world of online video, in a very Kosher way.

"Yideoz provides a way for Jews all over the globe to share their lives with one another using cutting edge technology, all within a safe online environment that makes you proud to be Jewish."

Musicians, schools, parents, organizations, brides - everyone has realized that Yideoz can get their message out to the people that matter - instantly! Connect with an audience previously out of reach, show the world what you've got, share your simchas and events with anyone, anywhere - do it all with Yideoz.com.


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