Universal Music Wide-Releases Taubman's New Shabbat CD
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Posted: November 21 2006


21 November 2006 (Jewswire.com) - Universal Music Group's Fontana Distribution, discovering the immense popularity of progressive Jewish recording artist Craig Taubman, has placed his latest CD, The Shabbat Lounge, in wide release at retail outlets throughout the country, including Barnes & Noble, Borders, Best Buy, and Virgin Megastores.

The Shabbat Lounge remixes 12 classic Shabbat songs, infusing traditional melodies with elements of jazz, rock, funk, electronica, trance, tribal beats and DJ-scratching. In the opening track, the Lounge's "DJ" greets listeners with quips like, "You may want to hold onto your jacket, it's pretty chill in here."

Taubman explained, "I wanted to make the classic Shabbat songs relevant for a generation that might not necessarily spend Friday night in a synagogue."

Yo Yenta, the hit blog for young Jewish singles, comments, "Because his ambient “Jew Age” jazz is just too good to listen to once a year, it’s fabulous that modern Jewish music maestro Craig Taubman has turned his hip Hebrew loops to the holiday we celebrate every week."

Taubman's albums have won Webbie, Dove, and Parent's Choice Gold Awards, as well as a recent Jewish Music Award nomination.

In addition to releasing The Shabbat Lounge in the nation's biggest music chains, Universal's Fontana has also placed it in large independent music sources, such as J & R in New York City, Amoeba Music in Los Angeles and San Francisco, and Melody Records in Washington, D.C. It is also available at Amazon.com and downloadable at itunes.com.

To receive a review copy of The Shabbat Lounge, get more information and arrange interviews with Taubman, please contact Dahlia Greer at 310-339-1060 or dahliagreer@zimandla.com


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