US Chairmans Given Expert Leadership Training
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Posted: February 05 2007


5 February 2007 ( - Over 30 Chairmen and Vice Chairmen of US synagogues attended the US’ annual Chairmen and Vice Chairmen’s training seminar on Thursday where communication and management expert Helena Sharpstone put the attendees through their paces.

Held at BDO Stoy Hayward, Ms. Sharpstone gave an interactive master class on motivating shuls’ Board of Managements and volunteers with advice on ‘knowing your customer’ and “the tools needed for self-motivation’.

The seminar is part of the ongoing commitment from the US to provide high quality support and guidance to its local lay leadership to equip them to run their communities more effectively.

Attendee Madeleine Abramson, Vice Chair of Kenton synagogue commented: “Together with my co-vice chair, we started this year with a belief that we should involve our Board in decision making; the seminar has renewed that commitment but also has given me ideas on how we can work together to bring in new ideas and changes on areas that in the past we have hit stalemate over.”

Leonie Lewis, US’ Community Development Group Director, commented: “It is not always an easy job for Chairmen to motivate members to be as involved in community life as they are and thus this seminar was designed to provide lay leaders with the expertise needed to best service their communities. Our lay leaders do an amazing job and we are keen to offer them any additional support and advice that we can.”


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