Tichkum Introduce Garlic-it
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Posted: October 11 2006


October 11 2006 (Jewswire.com)- Tichkum, a developer and distributor of multi-functional electric home appliance products, today announced the introduction of Garlic-it – a revolutionary Electric Garlic Peeler for peeling garlic cloves in simpler and easier way.

The new Garlic-it Peeler makes peeling garlic a cinch. No more Garlic smell, no more mess. Just drop the garlic cloves in the unit with its revolutionary patented peeling device, press start, and in seconds the machine yields peeled garlic cloves ready to use. Users can also peel peanuts just as simple.

Drop the supplied blade in place and the machine chops garlic cloves as well. This small magical machine can also chop vegetables, crush ice and blend healthy beverages in seconds.

Garlic-it retails for a fraction of the cost of much more expensive home appliances, each of which does only a fraction of what Garlic-it will do.

“The Garlic-it Peeler is the kind of product that I would buy for my home. ..., it appears to be designed well for convenient disassembly and cleaning. It is a compact size for easy storage and it is not cluttered with unnecessary or overly complicated control buttons ..." says Lawrence Cruiz, Chief Patent Counsel at Conair Corporation in the USA.

About Tichkum

Tichkum is an innovative group specializing in the development and distribution of advanced cost effective consumer products. Tichkum leading Kitchen hardware is Garlic-it – a unique cooking tool that peels the skin of cloves of garlic in seconds without leaving any odors on your hands.

Tichkum is now seeking reputable home electronic distributor’s world wide. David Menashs, Tichkum founder and CEO, and Menachem Zimmet, Tichkum Marketing Manager, will be in HK & China (from 12/10-29/10/06), to showcase their products to local business partners. Tichkum welcome domestic electrical appliances dealer and agent to hear and learn more about the Garlic-it Peeler.

For more information about Tichkum and the Garlic-it Electric Garlic Peeler, please visit at Tichkum website www.tichkum.com.


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