The Loxfish Is Here Just in Time for the Holidays
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Posted: November 16 2006


16 November 2006 ( - Just in time for the holidays the loxfish is here. What is the loxfish you ask? The loxfish is a marriage of the Icthus fish, more commonly known as the "Jesus Fish," and the fish most, if not all, Jews and non-Jews know as lox.

Michael S. Etkins, co-founder of loxfish, LLC, manufacturer and distributor of the loxfish, says, "The loxfish is not meant for just Jewish people; it is meant to bring people of all religions together through humor."

The loxfish came about after Etkins, the child of an inter-faith marriage, attended a Christmas dinner at which his father, after a few glasses of wine, opined that he wanted to see a "Jesus" fish for Jews, and that the fish, instead of saying "Jesus" should say "Lox." The statement was laughed off quickly by others at the dinner, but not by Etkins.

"When I heard the idea it hit me like a ton of bricks," said Etkins. "I knew immediately that it was something I had to seize upon and put out on the market as soon as I could."

Etkins quickly enlisted the help of friend and co-founder of loxfish, LLC, Tesfa D. Myrie. Together, the two pooled their own money to capitalize the company and made the loxfish a reality.

The loxfish is available in two different styles and can be viewed and purchased on the company website:

About loxfish, LLC

Founded in 2006, loxfish, LLC is a member-managed Delaware limited liability company specializing in Jewish novelty goods. Company officers are Michael S. Etkins, President and Treasurer, and Tesfa D. Myrie, Vice President and Secretary. For more information please visit or call 1-877-780-4LOX.


Michael S. Etkins, President

oxfish, LLC



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