The Book of King Solomon
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Posted: May 13 2007


May 13 2007 ( - Professor Solomon claims to have found--and translated from the Hebrew--an old manuscript in the possession of his family.

Titled "The Book of King Solomon," it chronicles the life of the celebrated monarch--his adulterous father (King David), his youth, his rivals for the throne, his accomplishments as ruler, his wise judgments, his many wives, his visits to the Cave of the Ages, his magic ring, his association with Asmodeus (king of the jinn), his building of the Temple, his speaking with birds, his encounter with Goliath, Jr., his meeting with the Queen of Sheba, his excursions on a flying carpet, his wandering as a beggar, his final days.

To download a free copy of the book, go to:

It is a PDF file (22 MB), with illustrations.

Top Hat Press

Baltimore, U.S.A.


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