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Posted: October 11 2006


11 October 2006 ( - Over the years, Sheinkin Street has become an Israeli icon for fashion, alternative culture, and an abundance of cheerful, beautiful people. On Fridays, thousands visit the street, in order to go shopping, sit in cafes, listen to street bands and drink in the local magic.

With its cutting edge crowds, one of a kind boutiques, and an energy that is totally local but intensely global, Sheinkin Street can be compared with Covent Garden in London, parts of Greenwich Village in New York, St. Catherine Street in Montreal, Oscar Freire Street in Sao Paulo, and Oxford Street in Sydney.

Now visiting Sheinkin Street is as close as a click away, no matter where in the world you may be. is a virtual version of the real street, which offers internet surfers an opportunity to absorb the spirit of the street and to order unique Israeli made products from anywhere in the world.

The site, which aired at the beginning of April 2006, has until now has drawn well over 100,000 surfers from all over the world: Europe, USA, Australia, South America, Asia and even Barbados not to mention Algeria, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt!

Giving life and access to Israelís hottest cultural tableau to the webís hottest trendsetters, their aim is to show that Israel is not only about terror attacks and political rivalry, but also about culture, fashion and fun. has already created a major buzz in Israel. A host of articles appeared in the Israeli press, highlighting the overwhelming and instant flood of web surfers that have discovered how to tap into one of the worlds greatest hotspots.

Haaretz said: ďThe Sheinkin Street Web site ( crashed a few hours after being launched last week. The network could not handle the flood of surfers responding to the announcement of the site on the two most popular Israeli portals, Walla and Ynet.Ē

The site:

Approximately $80,000 has been invested in building and developing the site. It includes a magazine which deals with local culture, leisure, fashion and life style as well as giving historical, and local information about Sheinkin Street.

The site itself is in both English and Hebrew.

At the top of each page is an interactive map of Sheinkin Street, which allows surfers to enter the shops on the street, view photos of the stores as well as the products on sale. (Israeli products are highlighted with a label that says "Made in Israel.")

The site also includes short videos, which show interviews with fashion designers, people who have contributed to the development of the street, and local events.

Users who register for the website receive newsletter updates regarding sales, discounts and activities in Sheinkin Street.

Other functions of the website:

The website also offers tourist information (regarding hotels, restaurants etc), galleries, photos of Sheinkin Street and other neighbourhoods in Tel-Aviv, a notice board containing information about parties, renting property as well as a search engine which enables users to locate specific shops and products in Sheinkin Street.

The site is designed with 2 audiences in mind:

International surfers, and Israelis living abroad who want a window into urban Israeli living, and to somewhere unusual to shop.

The second group is Israeli surfers living outside Israel and Inside Israel who want to keep up-to-date on what's new in Tel-Aviv and find information about shop sales, local attractions and cultural activities. Israelis living outside Tel Aviv can order products from the shops on the street or prepare for a visit by using the website.

The people behind this project:

Michael Simkin (31) is a Brit from Liverpool. He used to work in advertising, and today is CEO of C-DO Networks Ltd, the company behind the website. Michael arrived in Israel about 18 months ago, after falling in love with an Israeli girl he met in India. Since then, their relationship ended, but Michael fell in love with Tel-Aviv and decided to settle down in the city. When he came across Sheinkin Street, he decided to try and pass its special atmosphere on to the whole world.

On the C-Do Networks team are ace photographer and videographer Arnon Maoz, journalistic energy bomb Hohit Ori Day, technical whiz Nave Goren, and photo assistant Elad Hezki. is maintained and hosted by Comet Information Systems.

The team plans to bring the concept to a location in New York City, when they find the right backers.


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Commented by: Danielle, 2006-10-12 12:33:24

Site sounds fantastic... Good luck!
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