Shalom FM Pursue A Full Licence
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Posted: November 28 2006


28 November 2006 ( - Shalom FM is to pursue its long-held aim of establishing a full-time Jewish radio station after completing its fourth RSL (Restricted Service Licence) on Saturday evening.

The end of the 28-day broadcast was celebrated with a party and station founder Richard Ford said afterwards: “This is definitely not the end, it is the beginning. We are determined to provide a full-time station for the Jewish community of London. As I understand it we are the only ethnic group in the capital without its own radio voice.

“Shalom FM was warmly welcomed by all sections of the Jewish community and has proved the point that the Orthodox, non-Orthodox, young and older listeners all had a part to play in the radio station and can all get on with each other. Shalom FM does not have an agenda and has an open door policy for everyone.”

Station manager Steve Newton said: “Shalom FM was deluged by complaints from disappointed listeners complaining that they had lost their radio station after such a short time and they were impatient for its return.”


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