Program Focuses on Lighter Side of Jewish News
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Posted: October 23 2006


23 October 2006 ( - A new Jewish "radio" program on the Internet is out to prove that there's plenty of good, positive news and the world's Jewish community has an abundance of reasons to smile.

JNewsLight, available online at at the click of a mouse anytime, on any computer with sound, is a weekly newscast about five minutes long and specifically devoted to finding and reporting the lighter side of Jewish news, in answer to all the troubling stories in traditional news media. The program, which launched in April 2006, is produced and hosted Marv K., a reference librarian and former broadcast radio personality living in the Midwest USA. "I understand why the difficult, "bad" news stories must be so prevalent, but that seems to make too many of us inside and outside the Jewish community forget how many wonderful things are happening, too," said Marv.

He's quick to add that the program is not about Jewish jokes, "which are widely available on the Web and constantly circulating through email. What JNewsLight does is highlight real, upbeat stories about the arts, sports, culture, heritage, interesting people and events that don't seem to make it on to most people's radar or into their news sources." The librarian says he scours numerous sources weekly to unearth stories from the heartening to sublime and, occasionally, ridiculous. Recent items have dealt with the rise of upscale mikvahs (ritual baths), a Jewish-focused brewery introducing a beer honoring comedian Lenny Bruce, a resurgence in the popularity of Jewish fraternities and sororities, debunking the myth that all kosher wines taste like cough syrup, and Jewish major league baseball stars Kevin Youkilis, Gabe Kapler and Shawn Green. "It's really a wonderful, heartening, fun list of stories that make you feel good about who and where we are," said the host.

Marv K. also produces two other weekly "podcasts" and hesitates to even use the word, "because people think you must own an iPod to listen. You don't. Any computer with sound capabilities connected to the Internet will work. It's so easy and remarkable. We never could have this kind of content in traditional media, where they must deal with big numbers and appealing to the lowest common denominator." He adds, "it's an extension of my being a librarian: finding good information and getting it to people who need it. Plus, I get to use the radio background, talk to an audience literally around the world, and feel better knowing that I'm, hopefully doing some good, even if I wasn't smart or tough enough to become a rabbi."


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