New York Sephardic Music Festival
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Posted: November 10 2006


10 November 2006 (Jewswire.com0 - The New York Sephardic Music Festival (NY-SMF) showcases a minority within the minority. NY-SMF seeks to increase interest in and awareness of Sephardic culture, including Mizrahi, Yemenite and Ladino traditions, highlighting the diversity that exists within the Sephardic branch of Jewish culture and history.

Artists at the forefront of both the traditional and the contemporary Sephardic music scene will perform during the eight nights of Chanukah, from December 16 through 24. Opening night will be at Makor showcasing Pharaoh's Daughter and will mark the anniversary of Y-Love, an Aramaic/Yiddish/Arabic and Hebrew rapper, live.

Closing night will be a the 2nd of Modular's Hip Hop Sulha series which features top-selling Israeli hip-hop artist Shaanan Street of HaDag Nachash (whose last U.S. tour sold-out coast-to-coast); Palestinian rapper SAZ (who has been the subject of two documentary films); Jewish American beatboxer Yuri Lane; Orthodox Jewish rap sensation Y-Love; turntablist sensation; DJ Handler; and the frontmen of two of the West Coast's leading Palestinian hip-hop outfits, Ragtop of the Philistines and Omar of the N.O.M.A.D.S. All the nights in between are filled with exciting shows and will take place at the hottest NYC venues such as Joe's Pub, Tonic, and BB Kings.

Musicians scheduled to perform include: Hadag Nachash, The Hebrew Mamita, Juez, Smadar, Yuri Lane, Ayelet Rose Gottlieb, Y-Love, Pharaohs Daughter, Saz, Jake Break, Nat Rahav aka DJ Busquelo , DJ Rekha, Jewlia Eisenberg, Shusmo, DJ Balagan, Asefa, Ramón Tasat and Fiesta Sefarad, Ezra Malakov, Omar Offendem of the N.O.M.A.D.S., Ragtop of the Phitlistine's, Frantic Turtle, Matthue Roth, Elyakeem Kinstlinger, Samuel Thomas, Sarah Aroeste, Aliza Hava, Afro Semitic Experience, dj handler & Divahn

The NY-SMF is sponsored by Modular Moods and Barzilai Productions, with support from the Sephardic Education Center and The American Sephardi Federation. Barzilai Productions is a non for profit organization dedicated to promoting multicultural art events. Modular Moods, its sister company, is an independent record label that produces a variety of hip-hop, rock and klezmer-jazz bands. Both companies are involved in several collaborative projects with other artists and organizations, including The Workmen's Circle, DJ Rekha, Sangament, Heeb magazine, and Corner Prophets.

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