New Jewish Thought announces pioneering dialogue initiative.
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Posted: December 13 2007


New Jewish Thought, an organisation seeking to improve relations between British Jews, is planning to set up a Jewish-Jewish dialogue group in 2008. This will be the first initiative of its kind in the UK.

We are convening this group as members of the UK Jewish community who care about the situation in Israel and who have found that, all to often, when talking with our Jewish friends, family members and other people in the community, we get swept into a polemical debate or choose to be silent. In this dialogue series, we hope to offer a third alternative: an opportunity to speak candidly about our personal views and the experiences that have shaped them, as will aim to listen open-heartedly to others whose views and experiences are different from our own.

We are reaching out to people who might share our wish for a safe space to:

- share their own perspective and come to a better understanding of the perspectives of others.

- learn alongside people with different viewpoints.

- reflect on their own views in fresh ways.

The group will not be a debating forum but a chance for people with different views to understand and engage with each other.

The sessions will be facilitated by an experienced facilitator and will be modelled on the practices of the US-based Jewish Dialogue Group who have produced a guide for dialogue among Jews about the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

We aim to convene a diverse group of eight individuals and for that reason we need to carefully screen all applicants.

Those interested should e-mail


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    Contact Information:
    Keith Kahn-Harris
    New Jewish Thought
    94 Vallance Road
    0208 881 5742  

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