Jewish Film The Bubble - UK DVD release April 28!
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Posted: April 13 2008


Lulu, Noam and his sometimes boyfriend Yali’s lives are turned upside down when Israeli Noam embarks on an illicit affair with a Palestinian soldier. As the affair gains speed, Noam’s friends become embroiled in the dangerous liaison and bid to protect Noam’s lover by trying to protect his identity in the Jewish city, but can they overcome the storm of hatred attacking their beloved home?

Coming from Eytan Fox, the acclaimed writer and director of Yossi & Jagger and Walk On Water, The Bubble manages to combine playful sexuality and political and religious issues to dramatic effect and has already astonished audiences across the world. This compelling and important film is not to be missed!

“Percolates with just the right amount of lust and tension” – Time Out

“The acting is first rate…the film’s humanism gives it an overwhelming impact” – Hollywood Reporter

“[Director Eytan] Fox’s look at Tel Aviv’s politically active youth culture is charming” –


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