Israeli Company Launches New Tool To Exercise The Mind
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Posted: October 19 2006


October 19 2006 ( If “feel the burn” was the mantra of workouts of an earlier era, “feed the brain” may be the catch phrase for the coming decade. That’s the hope of CogniFit, the Israeli-based developer of MindFit, a new computer-based tool developed to help preserve and improve brain fitness as people age.

Increasingly baby boomers are turning their attention to the health and vitality of their minds as well as their bodies. In fact, experts predict that “brain fitness” will be the next major trend among the 80 million boomers who want to stay tack sharp as they age.

“Every seven seconds someone in America turns 50,” said Yossi Mazel, V.P. of marketing for CogniFit. “They are going to live longer, and they want a good quality of life. MindFit provides that possibility with a mental workout at the computer to build memory, perception and concentration.”

Deterioration of cognitive abilities -- memory, attention span, perception, and reaction and decision time -- is a natural consequence of aging, and most people begin to notice some changes by age 50. MindFit was designed and has been proven to slow cognitive loss and to improve brain fitness, even for people experiencing minor cognitive impairment.

MindFit was developed by Shlomo Breznitz, an eminent Israeli professor of psychology and former president of the University of Haifa, and a pioneer in the field of cognitive technology. After its successful launch in Israel (October 2004) and Europe (March 2005), MindFit is now being introduced in U.S. markets. The program is available in Hebrew, as well as English, French, and Spanish.,

Like a muscle, the mind requires exercise to keep it fit. MindFit, which is based on the latest research into brain function, turns a user’s home computer into a fitness room for the brain providing mental exercises that are challenging, but not frustrating; repetitive, but not boring; and intensive, but not tiring, to stimulate and challenge the mind.

MindFit starts with an assessment of the user’s mental abilities and then provides a program of individually-designed exercises specifically customized to the user’s brain and abilities. The program’s advanced software follows the user’s learning curve, and as he or she improves, the software responds with more demanding exercises. Yet MindFit’s ease of use allows even those with little or no previous computer experience to readily work the program.

MindFit is not a game. Repeated training - 20 minutes, 2-3 times per week -- results in noticeable improvements in one’s cognitive abilities. Scientific evidence supports this claim. “Independent testing of MindFit, both in the U.S. and Europe, has validated its benefits,” said Mazel. “Our preliminary clinical trials have demonstrated that cognitive skills can be improved with regular use of MindFit.”

“I have found it to be very enjoyable and challenging and feel that it has already sharpened my mind,” said Robert Tacy Sr. of Michigan. “I’ve noticed improvement while playing hand-held computer games, like solitaire and poker, and think it has even improved my golf game by helping me choose the right club and manage the course better.”

MindFit costs $129 for the downloadable version or $149 for a CD and is available at

About CogniFit

MindFit is a product of CogniFit, the world leader in developing and marketing computerized assessment and training of cognitive skills. The company uses its patented scientifically-validated technology to develop programs that significantly impact the lives of all segments of the population by enhancing basic cognitive skills. CogniFit’s products are marketed in North America, Europe and the Middle and Far East.


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