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Posted: April 13 2008


Israel e News is an online pro-Israel daily news magazine, which made it's debut in December 2007. Published in Israel and Europe, Israel e News, aims to bring you the latest news from Israel. We hope to include a Hebrew section in the near future.

Updated regularly, we present the latest news from Israel and around the world, opinions, editorials, and features. Each article has a talkback where readers have the opportunity to add their own feedback and comments. A simple registration is required, to become a talkback member.

Israel e News' channels include the Readers Stories channel, where readers can anonymously fill in a simple form and submit their own experiences in life. Others can then add comments once the submission is published. A fun, easy and anonymous way to share a story and see what others have to say about it.

Readers are welcome to join the Israel e News Forum where forum members can meet and start their own discussions on any subject.


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