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Posted: November 27 2006


27 November 2006 ( - This year’s Expo was set to be the most dynamic and most well attended yet – and it did not disappoint. Over 7,000 people experienced the buzzing atmosphere, vibrant surroundings and fantastic entertainment.

A definite highlight of the day was the ‘Supernatural’ performances by Lior Suchard, who enthralled the whole room with his mind reading skills and apparent supernatural powers; moving inanimate objects in full view of the audience and passing electric shocks on demand. Lior said he was ‘thrilled’ to be at the Expo and explained,’ I met Alan Aziz in bizarre circumstances and we got chatting; he suggested I come to the Expo and I was not disappointed; the Expo gave me the chance to further my UK profile and the audience and whole atmosphere was fantastic’.

The Expo catered for all tastes and exhibited a range of high profile brands. The Michal Negrin exhibit was particularly popular and a spokesperson, Sigal Ivry, owner of the Windsor store, commented that ‘the Expo provides the perfect opportunity to help create, and then enhance a brand; Michal Negrin is a leading jewellery and fine accessory brand in Israel and throughout the world and we are delighted to be supported by the ZF in maintaining this reputation’.

Half way through the day, Alan Aziz, Director of the ZF, stood on stage and warmly welcomed the huge crowd, encouraging everyone to become members of the ZF in order to maintain support; ‘I think everyone will agree with me that today has been a huge success, with record numbers of attendees. The ZF are grateful to all those exhibitors and attendees who continue to work with us to ensure Israel is supported and valued within the UK. I am already excited about next year’.

The Expo also hosted the Christian Friends of Israel and Geoffrey Smith, Deputy Director commented that ‘We are enormously grateful to the ZF for the opportunity to be here and for all the help, advice and support they have given us. Christians are among the strongest supporters of Israel for the last 300 years and we send three groups to Israel every year and have thousands of supporters around the country, who in turn share their passion for the cause in their churches and within their communities’.

Sigal Gelbrun, an Israeli living in the UK, commented that, ‘It comforts me to experience such open, and practical support for Israel from the ZF. It has been hard watching the events of the past few months outside of Israel, but I feel strongly connected to the UK Jewish community and I am grateful for the unique event like the Expo, which unites Israel and UK as it should be united.’

For more information about the Zionist Federation and to find out about next year’s Expo, please contact the Zionist Federation:

Tel – 020 8343 9756, Email –,


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