Important new project at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs - Middle East Strategic Information (MESI)
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Posted: July 16 2008


The Middle East Strategic Information (MESI) project provides a unique in-depth analysis of the Middle East and its strategic issues as they relate to the West and the outside world. The MESI informs beyond the headlines and presents news and evaluations that provide important relevant data to the understanding of the Middle East.

The project is directed by former Israeli Ambassador to the UK, Ireland and Australia, Yehuda Avner, who was also an advisor to five Israeli prime-ministers.

The project aims at a paradigm shift in the thinking towards Israel and the Middle East, as it approaches two common misconceptions..

Many people in the West believe that the terrorism they suffer from is different to the terrorist threats that Israel faces. There is a major disconnect in thinking that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is only about land and occupation, when the same ideology drives people to commit these terrible acts whether in New York, London or Tel Aviv.

There is also the myth that if the Israeli-Palestinian conflict went away or was resolved, the Middle East would be an otherwise harmonious place. Many feel that solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the axel for peace in the region and beyond. Also, that the Arab World and Islam would have no other issues of conflict with the West other than its perceived support of Israel. The site takes much of its information from Arabic websites to gain a greater insight into the differing events and voices in the Middle East.

What makes us unique is as part of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, a leading think-tank in the Middle East; the MESI has access to senior politicians, diplomats, high-ranking security officials, academics, legal experts and strategists from Israel and around the Middle East. These provide MESI with an important infrastructure to disseminate a professional and credible analysis of events from the region. We also have our own experts who write exclusively for the MESI project, most of whom are familiar with Arabic and Persian which enables them to have access to news and events not available to the English-speaking world.

Please visit the website , send the link to others and subscribe to the MESI analysis by entering your email in the left-hand column.

Any comments and questions can be directed to the editor, Ashley Perry, by email


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