Good Hummus – not only in Israel
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Posted: February 18 2007


February 18 2007 ( - If you love Hummus, you don't have to come to Israel. As a matter of fact, you don't even have to leave your home… Get the Humus recipe now:

Craving for Israeli Hummus? Want to surprise your family with an all Israeli meal? Now you can.

Israelicious - a New Israeli cooking show brings you great video recipes for Humus, Labane, Halva cookies, Hamantashen and many other Israeli and Jewish special dishes. and Elite Confections Ltd, the “sweet” division within the Strauss-Elite food conglomerate, have collaborated with Phyllis Glazer, the American-born “High Priestess of Healthy Cooking in Israel,” to create “Israelicious,” an on-line TV cooking show which is broadcasted on , an Israeli website, which specializes in video content from Israel, in English: News, Tourism, Fun, Music, Real Estate and now… Cooking.

During the course of the on-line TV series, Glazer will whip-up a variety of delicious and healthy meals, as well as mouth-watering desserts, from the entire gamut of Elite’s product lines. In addition, amateur and professional chefs will be able to download her recipes directly from Elite’s special “Israelicious” on-line site,

“We know that kosher consumers in North America and England are always looking for new ideas and trends in the marketplace, which is why so many new kosher cookbooks have become instant best-sellers. Elite is proud of the fact that we have been able to secure Ms. Glazer’s culinary talents in order to serve up the hottest new recipes for everyone to enjoy, especially health conscious consumers,” said Adit Schneider, manager of Elite’s Export and Marketing Division.

Glazer is currently one of Israel’s top food personalities, and the only American-born food writer to write in both the Hebrew and English languages. She has a weekly spot on Israel’s Army (Galei Zahal) radio station, appears frequently on television and radio, and has been interviewed on programs in the United States, India, Australia and the UK.

Her first book, Hagigah Tzimhonit (Vegetarian Feast), published almost 25 years ago, has become a classic in the Israeli kitchen. She was the first to introduce upbeat vegetarian food, healthy cooking styles, awareness of food additives, nutritional value and kitchen ecology, and the medicinal and health benefits of spices to the Israeli public. Her most recent book from Harper-Collins, The Essential Book of Jewish Festival Cooking, has also become a staple in many English-speaking households.

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