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Posted: January 01 2007


1 January 2007 ( - Finally the worldwide Frum Community has found its feet in the online domain. has released a new web resource that aims to provide everything a Frum person could need. The site has initially been designed with each US state having its own portal, allowing people to network and find information specifically in their local area.

"We wanted a site for Frum people who live and work in everyday contemporary society", says co-founder Eric Kerbel. "It started off as an idea for a web portal for Frum Jews to be able to network together and grew from that into a complete resource for anything that Frum internet users could want to find out."

The site has a range of classifieds, job listings, interactive forums, auto/real estate/business listings, as well as listings of restaurants, mikvaos, shuls and other frum amenities around America, and newest of all is the free Marketplace where people can showcase their businesses and services. In addition to the wide ranging forums with a variety of constantly evolving topics and posts, there are insightful blogs from featured writers, as well as zmanim, up to date news feeds and articles and an Ask the Rabbi section.

Users can easily get online and post free, thereby ensuring that the community remains relevant and up to date.

"We see it as a constantly evolving resource for Frum people. If someone gets on there and sees that their local shul isn't listed, they can just upload it quickly and easily to make sure that the next person who searches that area will find it. Similarly, people can get on there and list their cars, houses, business and any other classified items completely for free, as well as being able to post to the forums and connect with other likeminded frum people from all over the world", says Mr. Kerbel. "It is our hope that it will develop into the kind of site that every Frum person will go to whether they are looking for a kosher place to eat at while visiting an area they've never been to before, or whether they're just looking to see everything that's happening in their local community. We encourage people to register and start posting on the forums where a large variety of fascinating topics are discussed."

The site also includes a host of other 'real world' features in conjunction with the frum ones, such as local weather reports, gas prices and maps. "It's a daily resource of relevant information for Frum people, whether the info they need is frum or otherwise", says Mr Kerbel.

The Frum community offers a clean, positive online environment for Frum Jews to meet and interact, and aims to give each community it's own presence online all in one place, rather than having it spread out over dozens of sites. Whether you live in an area, are thinking of relocating to that area or are simply going on vacation, you can easily find what you're looking for by visiting the The intention is to expand the site to include international portals and make it truly worldwide in scope. "It is a place where like-minded people can air their views, ask their questions and contribute their ideas to the community at large."


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