Friends of Lubavitch UK Stand Up For Israel
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Posted: March 20 2007


March 20 2007 ( - A standing ovation greeted UN Ambassador Dan Gillerman’s rousing speech to the room of over 500 guests at the Friends of Lubavitch UK’s recent gala dinner held at the Guildhall in the City of London.

Ambassador Gillerman explained that in his capacity as Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations he had witnessed a marked change in attitudes to his country following last summer’s war in the region:

“It was not only a war between Israel and Hizbollah, it was a war between a secular democratic society and a fundamentalist radical extreme Islamic regime. It was indeed the first confrontation between Israel and Iran, between Israel and the worst elements of Islamic extremism. And that realisation, with all the hardship of that war, has made much of the world realise two things; one, that Israel is not the problem and to moderate Arab states, many moderate Arab and Moslem states, that Israel is not a threat. You cannot imagine how many Arab and Moslem ambassadors and foreign ministers representing countries that have no diplomatic relations with us and are hostile to us came to me during the war and said to me, “go get them, finish the job”. They realise today, more than anybody else, that the real threat to them, to the moderate Arab and Moslem states, is not Israel but Iran, that the real problem is not the Israeli/Palestinian conflict but the spread of Moslem extremism, radicalism and fundamentalism and, indeed, that is the main problem of our time”.

Ambassador Gillerman went on to praise the work of Lubavitch, saying: “I’m aware and very respectful and admire the wonderful work which Chabad does in this country. The 20 centres, not just synagogues but centres for young people, like the new Gaon Centre just opened opposite Bank Leumi. This is truly incredibly important work. It is work which brings people together, which increases their awareness, which brings to them the spirit of Chabad. Never before did we need that spirit of the Lubavitchers more than we need it today, because we live today in a very dangerous world. They say “if you want to touch and feel the past, touch a stone, if you want to feel the present, touch a flower, if you want to feel the future, touch a child”. You are touching those children every day by being Friends of the Lubavitch and for that I and the state of Israel will forever be grateful to you, and because of that I promise you that in spite of a very ominous world we live in, Israel will prevail. Because a country and a society that has given the world the Lubavitchers can do no less.

The theme of the event, Securing the Future, was reflected by a brochure and video of the same name and emphasised throughout by the speakers, who included Friends of Lubavitch UK director Rabbi Faivish Vogel; Mr Jack Lunzer, a long time supporter of Lubavitch, in whose honour the dinner was held; Keith and Lauren Breslauer, the evening’s hosts; and Alan Lee and Daniel Peltz who co-chaired the event. The evening, which raised over £655.000 for key Chabad-Lubavitch projects in the UK and overseas, was dubbed “the best ever” by supporters.

For more information, contact: Rabbi Yosef Vogel on +44 207 495 6089


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