Faith in charity - Jewish charities in Manchester have their say
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Posted: October 17 2006


17 October 2006 ( - The bridges and barriers to running a faith-based charity will be at the heart of discussions between the Charity Commission and Jewish charities at a launch event in Manchester this week.

The seminar is the first of its kind with the Jewish charity community and is part of a larger nationwide campaign run by the charity watchdog to develop its knowledge of the issues facing minority faith charities.

Kenneth Dibble, director of Legal and Charity Services at the Charity ommission said:

"Around one in nine charities that operate in England and Wales have a eligious foundation so there is no doubt that faith-based charities play vital role in building social cohesion.

"In Greater Manchester alone there are over 250 Jewish charities generating n annual income of more than 63 million and dealing with a whole spectrum of issues ranging from health and welfare to education. The vibrancy and strength of this part of the sector is very important to us, which is why we look forward to hearing the views of local people and to learning more about the broader context in which Jewish charities operate."

Karen Phillips, CEO of the Manchester Jewish Federation said:

"As a Jewish welfare charity our faith informs and enriches both our activities and our approach in practice. This is a great opportunity to talk to the Commission about the challenges and opportunities we face in running a faith charity, to grow mutual understanding and to focus on how good regulation can improve charity effectiveness."

The Charity Commission's seminar will provide a platform for a debate on how better regulation might support and enhance charity performance.

The event will take place on Wednesday 18 October in Manchester and will involve a wide range of invited representatives from the Jewish charity community.


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