Despite Explosion in Jewish Publishing, Orthodox Public wants more.
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Posted: April 13 2008


Jerusalem, Israel (February 2008)

Despite Explosion in Jewish Publishing, Orthodox Public wants more.

So claims Esther Heller, the new editor-in-chief of Targum Press. “There are so many more books and magazines in the religious world nowadays, but because today's religious book buyer is diverse, educated, and sophisticated – they demand more – more entertainment, more depth in dealing with real issues, more variety - they just want more."

Jewish publishing has gone through radical changes in the past decade. Targum Press has hired two new editors to spearhead innovative projects to meet the changing needs of today’s Jewish readers. Heller, director of The Jewish Writing Institute- the only email Jewish writing school in the world - has been training writers to develop their writing technique for decades. Widely published in Jewish periodicals, her first novel, to be published by Targum, will appear in 2009.

Bassi Gruen, Targum’s new editorial director, brings extensive experience from the fast-paced world of Jewish journalism and is tuned into the issues and trends faced by the religious society today. She’s written for a wide range of audiences in myriad publications. Within her first year of writing she had published over two hundred articles. Says Gruen, “The two things I’ve found most essential to developing as a writer was learning the craft, both from books and peer feedback, and to just keep writing. People give up too quickly, not giving themselves a chance to develop the talent they have.”

Targum, a leading publisher which caters to the Jewish market has been on the religious Jewish publishing scene for over 20 years and boasts classic bestsellers and bestselling authors. Top Jewish educators and outreach professionals rank in their catalog, including Rabbi Akiva Tatz, Rabbi Lawrence Kelemen, Rabbi Mendel Weinbach, Rabbi Dovid Kaplan, Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller, Gila Manolson, Sarah Shapiro, to name a few. Their bestselling children's series, The Baker's Dozen, The B.Y. Times, and many others have remained classics, two decades later.

Targum's company strength has always been in its willingness to cultivate new talent, work with authors, and a company culture to tackle difficult contemporary issues. Heller and Gruen are committed to that vision and plan to expand its publishing base and take the company in new directions, ensuring that the Orthodox public will in fact get the books they really want.

They welcome new submissions.

For interviews, contact: Allison Fried/Marketing Director

Targum Press, Inc.

Israel office: 972-2-651-3355



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