BabagaNewz Mobilizes Jewish Youth to Seek Indictment of Iranian President
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Posted: February 07 2007


7 February 2007 ( - BabagaNewz, the most widely circulated Jewish classroom magazine in the nation, has launched a campaign to gather 5,000 student signatures on a petition urging that the International Criminal Court indict Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on charges of inciting the genocide of the Jewish people.

The petition, published online at, notes that President Ahmadinejad’s frequent threats to “wipe Israel off the map,” not only violate Chapter 1 of the UN Charter, which restricts members from threatening to use force against any state, but also breach international treaties that outlaw incitement to commit genocide.

In the March issue of BabagaNewz, Rabbi Mark H. Levine, editor, writes that “If the Holocaust has taught Jews to respond seriously to any threat, then how much more seriously should Israel respond to this threat, given Ahmadinejad’s radical theology and his quest for weapons of mass destruction?”

Dr. Jonathan Woocher, the Chief Ideas Officer for JESNA (the Jewish Education Service of North America) and the Director of the Lippman Kanfer Insitute, supports BabagaNewz’s effort to inspire American Jewish students to act. “History has taught us never to dismiss threats of genocide as idle talk,” he says. “President Ahmadinejad has made no secret of his desire to see the state of Israel wiped off the map. The international community must make it clear that it will not tolerate this type of incitement by using the vehicles available to it, like the International Criminal Court, to expose and condemn Ahmadinejad before the world.”

To view and sign the BabagaNewz petition, please visit

Rabbi Levine’s article, “Today’s Haman: Adversary and Enemy,” is attached as a Word document and available for publication, with attribution. Also attached is the PDF of the article and a lesson plan for teachers, based on the article by Rabbi Levine.

Mark Levine is the editor of BabagaNewz, a national values-based classroom magazine for Jewish students in grades 4-7. BabagaNewz is a project of The AVI CHAI Foundation and JFL Media (Jewish Family and Life!) For more information or to subscribe call 800-434-3934.


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