Advertising Network Oridian Opens Paris Office
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Posted: August 28 2007


Herzliya Pituach, Israel, August 28, 2007 - Oridian – Online Media Solutions, Ltd. the largest privately-owned advertising network in the world, continue their success in Western Europe with the opening of an office in Paris, France. This move represents a further advance in Oridian’s expanding international performances network.

Oridian is an international ad network that targets the non-US market, selling in 40 countries around the world, and reaching at least 20% of online users in all major European countries. Oridian monetizes foreign online traffic from North America, bridging between advertisers and publishers around the world to bring international advertisers to North American publishers, and quality global media to advertisers overall. The company works with all major media agencies representing leading brands, such as I-Level, OMD, Starcom, Zenith, and others, and boasts an impressive sales rate with 100% of all ad space sold, a figure unmatched in the print advertising world.

In France, Oridian reaches 8 million unique users, representing 26% of all online users; the number is due to increase sharply with the opening of the Paris office.

Oridian CEO Jacob Nizri said today, “According to Nielsen/NetRating, there were 30,837,595 Internet users in France as of January 2007, representing 50.3% penetration. The improvement convinced us the time was right for opening an office to better serve our clientele: local advertisers targeting users who regularly read non-French language sites. The Paris office, headed by Stephane Pitoun, former Manager at DMC - FullSIX Group, joins our network of offices in North America, Latin America, Israel, Argentina, Germany and the UK, and representatives in Australia, Scandinavia, Italy and Greece. Our global presence allows advertisers and publishers to reach the ROW market – they lose revenue every minute they don’t.”

Oridian has a reach of 35% in the UK and Italy, representing 6.7 million unique users and 6.5 million unique users respectively; a reach of 38% in the Netherlands or 4.5 million unique users, 15% in Germany or 8 million unique users; and 55% in Belgium or 3.1 million unique users.

About Oridian

Oridian – Online Media Solutions, Ltd. is the leading privately owned global online advertising company that lifts both advertisers and publishers to new heights. With over 9 billion monthly impressions, a massive worldwide inventory and access to tens of millions of users on various continents, Oridian enables advertisers to implement highly effective network-wide branding as well as direct response campaigns, and allows publishers to monetize traffic from all over the world. Oridian is a Top-10 network with access to over 180 million monthly users worldwide, of which 40 million are in North America and 87 million are in Europe. Oridian maintains international headquarters and a development center in Israel, sales offices in North America, Latin America, Argentina, Germany, France and the UK, and representatives in Australia, Scandinavia, Italy and Greece.


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