Abbey Content Enterprises Inc. Opens Israel Operation
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Posted: December 21 2006


21 December 2006 ( - Abbey Content Enterprises Inc., a provider of Outsourced Content Services for businesses, news media and organizations, announces it has opened a branch in Israel to expand its offerings to U.S., Israeli and global clients.

Abbey Content Services, Ltd., based in Jerusalem, provides Content Creation, Content Enhancement and Content Management services for customers online and offline.

“We saw tremendous outsourcing opportunity in Israel, which has thousands of U.S.-trained and U.S. educated writers and which offers significant price arbitrage for U.S. and European customers,” said Alan Abbey, President and CEO of Abbey Content Enterprises.

Our base of operation, Jerusalem, Israel, is home to thousands of U.S.-born and U.S.-educated residents. Many Americans move to Israel after successful careers in America. In addition, Israel is home to numerous English-language media, which provide a strong training ground for journalists. Taken together, these factors give Abbey Content Services a rich talent pool from which to draw.

Abbey Content Services employs Americans living in Israel. Along with language and journalism skills, these American-Israelis have grown up with and understand American culture, industry, and politics, as well as American idioms and speech patterns. For us, there is no cultural confusion or language barrier.

Our location puts us seven hours ahead of U.S. East Coast time. As a result, our normal business hours will provide customers who need "first-thing-in-the-morning" service. Our regular daytime work shift extends for several hours beyond the typical U.S. East Coast daily editorial deadline,

making follow-up contact easy.

Finally, Israeli salary scales are significantly lower than those of the U.S., even for skilled positions. Ancillary costs, such as benefits and office space, are similarly low. We project savings of 50% or more for U.S. Customers needing editing, writing, content enhancement or content management services.

"From our Israel location we are able to provide overseas and Israeli customers with high-quality Outsourced Content Services,” Abbey said. E don't emphasize technology. Content comes from people. And we'll stack up our people against any anywhere in the world.”

About Abbey Content Services

Abbey Content Services is an Israel-based supplier of online and offline outsourced content to corporate and not-for-profit clients. Our U.S.-trained, professional journalists write, develop, edit, and manage content for international clients seeking high-quality material and smooth production cycles at significant cost savings.

Abbey Content Services provides a range of outsourced content services, including daily Web site content creation, Web community management, email list management and Web site hosting. We write, edit, copy edit and proofread for magazines and books, as well. We produce content in all areas, including high-tech, culture, politics, law, finance, and health.

Abbey Content Services is committed to quality writing, precise editing, and efficient production on tight deadlines. Our current clients include Start-Up Jerusalem, an Israeli not-for-profit tourism organization, for whom we manage the Go Jerusalem Web site, New York-based H. Crimson Publications, for whom we edit health care magazine articles, and the international SanDisk Corp., for whom we are creating a product-specific community Web site. We have been awarded contracts with leading institutions such as the Israel Museum and the Encyclopaedia Judaica because of our demonstrated ability to produce high-quality content and to assist clients throughout the production cycle – from product inception to final publication. Additional client and background information can be found on our Web site,

Contact Alan Abbey at, 718-210-3600.


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